Birthstone Jewelry, the Best Bridesmaid Gift (And Why Your Dear Girls Will Love It)

As your big day is approaching, one of the things that you’ll likely have on your brain is buying bridesmaid gifts. And unless you know your dear girls very well, you’ll probably spend some time trying to figure out what they’d like to get. A thoughtful gift should be a token of remembrance and appreciation — one they can cherish long after your wedding day.

Caterina Jewelry’s CJ Bridal Minimalista Collection celebrates bridesmaids by offering them a selection of finely-crafted, one-of-a-kind silver charm bracelets, necklaces, and earrings that blend elements of sophistication and minimalist charm. The epitome of artful elegance, our collection makes it possible for brides to choose fabulous birthstone jewelry gifts for their bridesmaids — little tokens of appreciation, admiration, and affection that will be long nurtured by your dear girls.

With its delicate outlines, dazzling Swarovski crystals in a variety of splashy hues, and beautiful craftsmanship, the CJ Bridal Minimalista Collection by Caterina Jewelry will make your bridesmaids’ eyes sparkle with delight. Available in .925 sterling silver, .925 gold-toned silver, and .925 rose-toned silver, the collection will lovingly complement your girls’ outfits while perfectly coordinating with your wedding theme.


Why Birthstone Jewelry?

One of the most amazing experiences a woman can have is being a bridesmaid. The special, unbreakable bond between her and the bride is like no other, and they share so many wonderful moments together. From the moment she says yes to be a part of your big day to the wedding celebration and beyond, the bridesmaid supports you every step of the day, always on hand to comfort, console, and help with pre-wedding tasks.

Gifting the bridesmaids is a wedding tradition that’s been celebrated for decades. Not only does a meaningful gift show appreciation for your bridesmaids’ efforts and support, but it also offers them a treasure-forever keepsake that will always remind them of your wedding day. And while a thank you note or a fine perfume may work, a personal gift that embodies the true essence of your friendship and deep bond is the best you can buy for your bridesmaids.

Birthstone jewelry isn’t only personal — it’s also incredibly stylish and desirable, especially when you choose versatile pieces. Deemed sacred and spiritually influential, birthstones are said to hold curative qualities and improve the well-being of the wearer. Show your girls how much their efforts mean to you by giving them a stunning piece of jewelry with their birthstone — an entrancing gift they can wear on your wedding day and happily ever after.

Browse through Caterina Jewelry’s CJ Bridal Minimalista Collection to find the best bridesmaid gifts and turn your celebration into an event that cherishes love, friendship, and togetherness. Not sure what to buy to your girls? Here are our top picks:

Birthstone Jewelry, the Best Bridesmaid Gift (And Why Your Dear Girls Will Love It) Birthstone Jewelry, the Best Bridesmaid Gift (And Why Your Dear Girls Will Love It) Birthstone Jewelry, the Best Bridesmaid Gift (And Why Your Dear Girls Will Love It)

Products shown here:

  1. January birthstone (garnet)

CJ Minimalista Red Siam Defiance Silver Bracelet


  1. February birthstone (amethyst)

CJ Minimalista Violet Inspiration Golden Silver Bracelet

CJ Minimalista Violet Defiance Silver Bracelet


  1. March birthstone (aquamarine)

CJ Minimalista Aquamarine Confidence Silver Bracelet


  1. April birthstone (diamond)

CJ Minimalista White Opal Confidence Silver Bracelet


  1. May birthstone (emerald)

CJ Minimalista Green Emerald Confidence Silver Bracelet

CJ Minimalista Green Emerald Defiance Silver Bracelet


  1. June birthstone (alexandrite)

CJ Minimalista Purple Confidence Silver Bracelet


  1. July birthstone (ruby)

CJ Minimalista Red Defiance Silver Bracelet


  1. August birthstone (peridot)

CJ Minimalista Green Confidence Silver Bracelet


  1. September birthstone (sapphire)

CJ Minimalista Blue Confidence Silver Bracelet


  1. October birthstone (tourmaline)

CJ Minimalista Rose Confidence Silver Bracelet

CJ Minimalista Rose Defiance Silver Bracelet


  1. November birthstone (citrine)

CJ Minimalista Brown Defiance Silver Bracelet


  1. December birthstone (blue topaz)

CJ Minimalista Turquoise Confidence Silver Bracelet

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