Hannah Kat Jones Reveals Her Jewelry Staples and More!

Exclusive: Actress Hannah Kat Jones Takes Us Inside Her Fabulous Life

By turns joyful, playful, and creative, Hannah Kat Jones is an inspiration. Brimming with positive energy and an invigorating verve that she immediately transfers to whoever is around her, Hannah isn’t only a sublime beauty who secured a runner-up title on America’s Next Top Model — she’s also an artfully-creative spirit who loves inspiring others.
Asked to name her personal fashion style, Hannah described it as “futuristic space fairy princess.” This means “glitter, crystals, and sheer opalescent fabrics,” elaborated the actress. Keep scrolling to learn about Hannah’s beauty splurges, jewelry staples, and wardrobe faves. Hint: no faux pas!

Caterina Jewelry: Hi, Hannah! It’s a great pleasure to meet you!
Hannah Jones: Hi guys, likewise! I’m excited to be here and can’t wait to collaborate.
CJ: Tell us a bit about yourself. When did you decide that an acting career was for you? What inspired you?
HJ: The sound and energy of laughter inspires me — there’s a positive transfer of energy, with an outcome that uplifts the spirit. I was very little when I started acting, so it’s difficult to remember the age exactly. Growing up as the only child, I would often entertain myself by making stories come to life through videos. I was about twelve when my dad gave me a video camera upon realizing just how much I loved writing stories. Once I discovered how to do basic stop-motion videos by recoding objects in short, second frames and moving them slightly in-between takes, my imagination for movie-making magic exploded with ideas for endless creative projects. I have always had fervor for the mysterious world of magic and stories like Harry Potter. Finding ways to trick the eye with camera angles and subtle shifts in filming technique such as simple special effects have a special effect on me — I felt fully capable of casting spells such as disappearing and then reappearing in other places whenever I had a camera to capture the moment. Since then, my brain has continued to percolate with concepts I want to produce.

“I’m more of a rings and chokers kind of person, but Caterina Jewelry has turned me into an earrings lover, too!”
Hannah Kat Jones

CJ: Are there any role models in the industry you look up to?
HJ: Meryl Streep is an active source of inspiration for me. I love her courage and the values she stands for. She speaks out on things that matter and pays no attention to what others might say. Her acting style is transparent, grounded, and always memorable.
CJ: How does a regular day in your life look like when you’re acting?
HJ: Really, every day is different for me. On some days, I arrive on set before 6am, and have breakfast while getting my hair and makeup done. Depending on the scenes in a film, I can be in front of the camera the entire time or barely at all. I’ve been very fortunate to collaborate with great people, and each project leaves me feeling like my family has grown exponentially.
CJ: And when you’re not in front of the camera?
HJ: I always make sure to have some side projects in the making in-between bigger jobs. Inspiring others through story-telling is not only my profession — it’s my life. I find ideas by exploring the city. Whenever the opportunity arises, I’m at festivals or events to network with others in fashion and film while supporting fellow artists.

CJ: What was one particularly-challenging moment in your career?
HJ: Last year, a close friend of mine fell into a coma. The odds were terribly against her. During the weeks that she was unconscious, I realized what really mattered to me. As I’ve been pursuing my dreams in acting, I’ve had to sacrifice many relationships and simple life experiences. I would often choose to focus on my work rather than spend time with my family and friends. But this changed my perspective, totally and irrevocably. In the past year, I’ve started to appreciate the people in my life more, and have worked hard and put more energy into developing long-lasting connections with the people I meet. Moral support is priceless in the entertainment industry, but truly effective only if given both ways. Loving others unconditionally is a very important quality to me — one that I will always appreciate and cherish.
CJ: If you weren’t acting, what other career would you like to pursue?
HJ: I’d love to be a professional world traveler and DJ! *laughs*
CJ: Tell us about your fashion style — or better, how did you find your own aesthetic?
HJ: Futuristic space fairy princess would best describe my personal style. This means glitter, crystals, and sheer opalescent fabrics. I love clothes that hug your body curves and flow at the same time, like tunics and leggings. Knee-high socks and boots are my faves — they add a very post-apocalyptic steam punk burner fashion edge to my look!
CJ: Name one makeup product you can’t live without.
HJ: Laura Mercier Sheer Foundation (Laura Mercier), hands down!
CJ: What’s your favorite beauty splurge? Do you like to pamper yourself?
HJ: Absolutely. Taking care of your body is very important! I like to spend time at WiSpa in Korea Town. They have saunas, steam rooms, and jacuzzis — it’s a great (and affordable) way to relax and recharge! Some rooms are made with jade, while others are full of heated clay that helps release toxins stored at skin level due to stress, pollution, and contaminates. I believe my skincare regime is directly correlated to my success as a model and actress. I’m a big fan of Susan Ciminelli’s line of all-natural skincare products, too. They’re real game changers, and have made a major difference in the appearance of my skin.
CJ: Do you have any jewelry staples — like, pieces you wear more often than others?
HJ: I’m more of a rings and chokers kind of person, but Caterina Jewelry has turned me into an earrings lover, too!
Most of the pieces in my jewelry box are those that have been passed down from my grandmother to my mother, and now to me. I have two necklaces specifically that I have cherished my whole life. I feel they carry a sort of mystical energy, and always remind me of the positive and vivacious women who raised me. Both have mysterious stones colored in shades of magenta that flicker with blue hues when lifted high into the light. Sometimes I wear them both together. One hangs low on a long silver chain in the shape of a large droplet, and the other rests at the nape of my neck, centered between small silver wings. I believe in angels and these necklaces give me strength whenever I need it most.

CJ: What are your favorite CJ pieces?
HJ: I like the Morning Star Silver Earring — it has an irresistible bohemian vibe and is highly versatile, too. It can complement an everyday look and a floor-length gown just as beautifully. The CJ Golden Charm White Opal Elegance Necklace is lovely, too.
CJ: And if you were to pick just one?
HJ: I think the Minimalista Earrings with white opal crystals in both .925 sterling silver and rose-toned sterling silver. They coordinate with my style very nicely and are great subtle ornaments to frame the face!
CJ: Finally, do you have anything planned for this spring?
HJ: ​I am very excited to share the finished projects ​I began last year as well as to produce new ideas. In June, I am flying to New York for some meetings with agencies there so I can become bi-coastal with my modeling and acting work. Also, I will continue mentoring the future stars of entertainment and I can’t wait to introduce them to the fashion and film world through photo shoots and video projects. Who knows, maybe you will also hear some underground, avant-garde tracks about quantum physics and the power of manifesting I’ve been secretly recording, too!

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