2mm Chain Silver Clasp Blue Leather Chain


    Vibrant Splashes of Color

    Be eye-catching in jewelry stylings that pack punches of vivid color. This 2mm leather chain is available in a selection of splashy hues spanning from delicate purple to mellow green, gracefully curving around your wrist or neck and offering the perfect canvas to your favorite CJ charms and pendants.

    An Elegant Oval Clasp Closure

    Worried that your much-loved charms will be lost if your bracelet or necklace comes undone? The 2mm leather chain boasts an elegantly-shaped sterling silver oval closure that secures your styling and keeps your pendants and charms safe at all times.

    Mix, Match, and Create

    This on-trend 2mm leather chain is a must-have for your jewelry box. Wear it on its own or adorn it with your favorite charms to create stunning looks that will make a lasting impression. The chain is fully compatible with Caterina Jewelry’s range of 2mm charms and 3mm charms when double-wrapped. Slide them effortlessly onto the chain and let your imagination run wild.

    From Maximalist to Minimalist in Seconds

    It’s easy to go from daytime casual to nighttime glamour with this 2mm leather chain. Wear it on its own for the perfect reflection of minimalist, or layer it in different colors to create fabulously bold stacks — or, play with different lengths by interlocks two, three, or more chains.