CJ Minimalista White Opal Silver Charm for Necklace


    The perfect complement to your jewelry styling, the Minimalista Coin pendant will lovingly adorn your wrist while making your outfit look more polished.

    CRYSTALS GLITTER IN .925 STERLING SILVER: Each Minimalista Silver Charm for Necklace from Caterina Jewelry features a coin charm set with exquisite colorful swarovski crystals that shine like color diamonds.

    COMPATIBLE WITH 2MM CHAINS: The Minimalista Charm for necklace is compatible with Caterina Jewelry’s 2mm sterling silver and leather chains. The charm for necklace has one hook in the back. Mix and match it with your favorite charms to create beautiful expressions of your style and personality.

    HIGH-QUALITY .925 STERLING SILVER: Masterfully crafted from .925 sterling silver of the highest quality, the Minimalista Charm isn’t only a meaningful expression of love, but also an intricate jewelry piece distinguished by its enduring beauty.

    THE MINIMALISTA COLLECTION BY CATERINA JEWELRY: Beautiful charms encrusted with luminous Swarovski crystals on a 2mm European chain is the signature of this special collection. Solid premium quality .925 sterling silver retains its beauty forever.

    DELIGHT THE WOMEN IN YOUR LIFE WITH A MINIMALISTA SILVER CHARM: The best gift is one that comes from the heart and what could be a lovelier birthday, anniversary, Christmas or Mother’s Day gift for your best friend than an enchanting Minimalista Necklace?