Wedding Wear: Finding The Perfect Match For Your Special Day


Wedding Wear: Finding The Perfect Match For Your Special Day </h5 class=”uppercase”>

You thought finding the love of your life would be the hard part – then comes planning the wedding. There’s the dress, booking the venue, picking the photographer, getting a caterer, locking in a guest list, oh, and of course, your bridesmaids.

Your bridesmaids are there to help get you to (and through) your big day. They are your best friends. They’ve stood by your side in life, and as such, will be the ones standing by your side on your wedding day.

It’s hard to put the bond of friendship into words, so saying it with a beautiful piece of jewelry is a fabulous way to demonstrate how you feel. Something charming and elegant that speaks from the soul can be the perfect gift for you and your best friends that you get to share on a day that is closest to your heart.

Choosing a piece from the CJ Minimalisat Collection gives you the option to stick with your wedding colors, or pick a hue that best represents each of the varied personalities of your favorite girls.

The delicate leather chains have the ability to match every bridesmaid dress, while at the same time adding a sentimental touch to your ideal look.

The CJ Minimalista Ingenuity Leather Bracelet in Jet Black or White Opal is the perfect accent for any bride. It’s a beautiful gesture that you can wear on your special day to remind you that love comes in all forms. If you’re that modern woman who loves being unique and you gravitate towards jewelry that sets you apart from the crowd, then this look is for you.

If you’re searching for that “something blue,” the CJ Minimalista Blue Defiance Silver Bracelet is equal parts stunning and subtle; giving you the best of both worlds just when you need it the most. This gorgeous adornment is a great way to celebrate the traditionalist in you while at the same time, shining a light on the side you that dares to be different.

The CJ Minimalista Red Diversion Golden Silver Bracelet is the quintessential way to make a bold statement for your Maid of Honor. You can also opt for either Violet or Green. Choosing her favorite color is really only something a best friend can do. Be sure to pick the accessory to compliment the shade of the dress for some picture-perfect moments that will stay with you forever.

For your bridesmaids, there’s the CJ Minimalista Defiance Silver Bracelet. Colors come in Aquamarine, Violet, Red, Red Siam, Purple, Green, Green Emerald, Turquoise and Brown. There’s plenty of versatility to mix and match. Whether your girls are dressed in different colors and styles, or you have each of them in the same attire, these bracelets are all about the beauty and uniqueness of each relationship.You can choose all for one, or one for all, and the end will result in a meaning that can only be measured between friends.

When it comes to showing your love, remember that finding the right accessory for your wedding party is the best way to spotlight each of your friends as the treasured gems they are.

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