Winter Blues Got You Down? Add Some Sparkle To Brighten Your Day

winter blues
Winter Blues Got You Down?
Add Some Sparkle To Brighten Your Day

During the coldest season of the year try heating things up with sizzling style that will warm your heart. As the holidays ring in joy, it’s also the time when the snow settles and the cool winds blow, the weather gets bleak and dormancy can get you down.

When all you really want to do is shiver, one of the best ways to shine is through fashion. You can elevate your seasonal style with accessories that glimmer so bright, your winter blues will just melt away.

Start by getting into shape – and no, that’s not a reference about going to the gym. Shapewear is everybody’s best friend after the holidays, especially since body-hugging dresses dominate the season. Fitting into any A-line or fit-and-flare party dress after indulging in months of food frenzies is enough of a challenge in and of itself. Once you find that perfect match, pair it with a piece of jewelry that will take your look from cool to caliente in the blink of an eye.

Park City Canyons Collection

Winter White Bracelet

Park City Canyons Collection

Spring Violet Bracelet

Park City Canyons Collection

Spring Green Bracelet

Any dress with a plunging neckline deserves a dazzle that’s divine. The White Winter Necklace from CJ’s Park City Canyons Collection is the ultimate shimmering dream. Elegant, sophisticated and sparkling in silver, this charming adornment will look fabulous with any color. Whether it’s a wrap dress at a cocktail party or some silky chiffon, this is the one piece of jewelry that will turn heads everywhere you go.

Don’t forget, winter wear is still all about the sweaters. Casual V-Necks, loose fit knit sweaters, pullover tops, or something with a loose and sexy batwing sleeve, are all go-tos this time of year. While these looks might be more laid-back, there are a few fun tricks you can use here to spice up your style. Giving yourself a trendy up-do or a cute flip twist ponytail provides you with a wonderful opportunity to embellish yourself in some gorgeous earrings.

If you really want to add a twinkling touch, CJ has just what you’ve been wishing for. The Morning Star earrings in Silver, Golden or Rose, are beautiful additions to your seasonal wardrobe. The single star decorative ear cuff can be worn on its own or mixed with other studs, hoops, or dangly earrings.

The Evening Star earrings (available in the same colors) will sparkle like the shooting star they are designed after. This two-star stunner is perfect to pair with your favorite long-sleeved look.

The best way to brighten any day this winter is to radiate in style that shines.

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